Sheer Shades offers the utility of a louvered product for variable levels of privacy and light control combined with the soft refinement of a sheer. Sheer Shades can also be layered with drapery and other window treatments that complement its soft architectural lines.

Sheer Shades are Easy to Clean

Over time, your sheer shades may become covered with a fine layer of dust and other dirt. Cleaning the shades ensures they maintain their beautiful appearance and allow the maximum amount of light into a room. Simply unroll it and gently use the upholstery attachment on the vacuum to remove dirt. If deep cleaning is needed, lightly swipe a damp cloth over each vane, but refer to the instruction manual to prevent damage and protect the finish.

Outdoor Window Shade Provides Privacy

Sheer Shades prevent shining sun, bright street lights or nosy neighbors from affecting you and your family and guests. Enjoy privacy in your sun-room, outdoor living area or other room in your home with an outdoor window shade.

With a variety of available colors, sheer shades add visual appeal to any home. They match a room’s wall color, accent one part of a room or blend in with existing decor. Our professional sales representatives assist you in our showroom or in your home as you select a color that enhances the beauty of your home.